Meghan Erwin

  • With her love of all things stylish and (oftentimes insatiable) passion for food, Meghan Erwin has built a reputation as one of Austin’s leading professional food stylists and recipe developers.

    She began her career began as an event planner for every girl’s favorite little blue box, Tiffany&Co.  Her keen eye for detail, matched with an ability to troubleshoot and think on her feet, helped her excel in this role and continue to be essential to her success as a food stylist.

    Meghan grew up with a passion for food and left the world of events to build a career in this industry.  She obtained an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, which complemented her B.A. in Magazine Journalism and further enhanced her ability to combine the worlds of food, style and design.

    While in school, she was mentored by an influential American Chef.  His recommendation led to a position developing recipes and leading photo shoots at America’s Test Kitchen.  ATK’s high standards and talented staff rounded out her recipe developing and food styling skills, enabling her to become the professional she is today. Her personal style, taste, culinary skills and knowledge of prop selection, enhance her overall styling aesthetic. These skills help bring food to life, and tell the stories created around them.

    Meghan styles food for commercial, editorial, packaging and restaurant clients for print and film media.  Clients include Joe’s Crab Shack, Whataburger, Whole Foods, and Esquire Magazine to name a few.


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