Developing Recipes

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    These days many food bloggers also carry the title ‘Recipe Developer’, but what does that really mean? Kelly is going to break down recipe development from idea to finished recipe, discuss places where recipes can go wrong, talk about how a recipe development process can help make your life easier, and review some recipe writing best practices.


    1. Recipe development styles are like fingerprints, everyone’s is unique. The trick is figuring out that process and – most importantly – documenting it. Having a defined process will make creating new recipes much easier.
    2. Properly tested and documented recipes build credibility as a recipe developer, drive traffic, and can open the door for new opportunities.
    3. A recipe is more than a simple recipe – it is a place for a blogger’s voice to shine. A carefully crafted recipe can be a place to reach readers in the same way stories can.
    4. Like any skill, the only way to improve ground up recipe writing is practice. Learn to embrace failure – it can often be your biggest ally – and celebrate success.


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