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    TECHmunch is a truly unique experience.


    One Day Conference,

    You’ll Meet 150 NEW Food Media Contacts Per Event

    TECHmunch attracts food bloggers and other content creators by giving them with the skills they need to succeed and take their efforts to the next level. Bloggers attend TECHmunch to hone their skills, meet fellow content creators and new brand partners.

    Savvy brands share their message with the right people. Building a genuine relationship with the right online influencers is key.

    The best way is through face-to-face conversations like the ones you’ll have at TECHmunch. After all.. What better way to get people to talk about your brand at the dinner table… than to help them make dinner?

    For brands, the conference is a cost-effective way to meet food media, share product and tell a compelling story.

    The conference is a crash course in blogger/influencer relations for brands and marketing professionals. Brands and marketing professionals attend TECHmunch to join the conversation, generate buzz and meet leading influencers. Also learn from industry experts who create, manage and implement breakthrough social media campaigns.

    A must-attend event for anyone serious about building and maintaining relationships with culinary content creators. TECHmunch provides one-on-one access to the experts key to your success.

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    Who You’ll Meet:

    Culinary Content Creators
    Celebrity Chefs
    Digital Strategy Experts
    Branding Experts
    Social Media Experts
    Content Optimization Strategists

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